Bordercommand South

This should ensure more powerful reserves for border security in the peace and national defense, the use of border company (GK) in the border security and the creation. To this end, 3 border commands (GKN - Kalbe / Milde and Beetzendorf - later Stendal, GKM - Berlin and GKS - Erfurt) formed. they should allow close cooperation with the military districts of the NVA and the associations of GSSD.

The Border Command South (GKS) was by order # 138/70 of MfNV from 10.27.1970 held by the 9.Grenzbrigade (GBR) Erfurt, the 11.GBr mine and 13.GBr Rudolstadt in deploying the right border pillar No. 1026 (County Line Erfurt-Magdeburg) and left the border post Nr.XXIII / 13/8 formed (at Ebmath in Karl-Marx-Stadt). The border length was 806.9 km, of which 799.25 km to BRD - border pillar Nr.2735- (information on the boundary lengths differ in other documents - including border regiments - slightly). Of these approximately 367 km open terrain, ca.395 km forested and about 45 km river border. In particular, the border sections of the GR-4, GR-3, GR-15 and GR-10 contributed upland character. In protective strip there were 42 towns. The bars of GBr`n, the GR-5 Nordhausen, GR-2 and GR-11 Eisenach Zschachenmühle were dissolved. Staff numbers have been incorporated into the remaining rods and units. The bigger of the former 9th and 13.GBr were discharged from responsibility for the training of soldiers and non-commissioned officers (in the 11.GBr since the end of 1965). The training of soldiers took place now in the GAR 11 Eisenach and GAR-12 Rudolstadt. The training of non-commissioned officers carried out under the responsibility of the command of the border troops (KGT) Potsdam and Glöwen, from 1973 to the US-VI in Perleberg.

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