Former "frontiersman" under the cloak of the Bundeswehr
A letter by Ingo of Jutrzenka the "Potsdamer Latest News" from 31.01.2008
It's revealing - and disturbing for me - if today profess members of a "fellowship of alumni in the German Armed Forces Association" in Potsdam openly about her past as a GDR border guards. Although I am a member of the Armed Forces Association for more than 42 years, has remained hidden from me so far, that in Potsdam numerous "border guards" have rediscovered under the mantle of this association and may say without contradiction that they contributed with their service "in good faith for peacekeeping "would. This coincides not with the perception of the public in the East and the West in 40 years of GDR rule and similar fatal the justification try former Stasi officers. As a former soldier of the Bundeswehr have to clearly distance itself from the way these former "members of the armed forces of the GDR", which today subsequently gain recognition for their service at the border under the name of the Armed Forces Association. The rejection of the use of Bundeswehr soldiers in Afghanistan is actually identical with the demands of the Left Party, formerly SED / PDS, the Bundeswehr Association should not give up on these positions "Former".
Jörg Gernert, Potsdam
The trust camaraderie deceptive
The report conveys the seemingly idyllic picture of an association in the former German soldiers and former "border guard" is now supposedly in an intimate companionship for the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the Border Regiment "Walter Junker" struggling under the somewhat misleading umbrella term "Bundeswehrverband", which in the Eye of the chairman has honored for "realistic analysis of past history" through his tireless efforts to secure peace.
Had the rapporteur, however, times tested, as many former Bundeswehr soldiers who participated in this meeting, he had come to a number from one to two. This explains that in this companionship, almost all served in the NVA and there mainly in the "peace-loving" border troops. The proud "frontiersman" embittered that they are not their rank with the addition aD may lead. Because there is no amendment to this privilege simply you can treat yourself, not only within the association, but also in the public correspondence. Since unauthorized titles leadership is threatened with imprisonment up to one year, could be those who behave, refer to themselves as notorious outlaws led by a former political officer of the GDR border guards. It will take some time, under such circumstances, there develop to former German soldiers who find themselves involuntarily in such a fellowship because of their association membership, and comradely feelings.

I took the article aware, it is the view of a former. Bundeswehr personnel ... and let the times are!
Companionship is lived, but not only because of the past - today, it's about to come to terms with the history of the border troops and their missions.
Meeting with members, their families and friends will find in the former. Border companies instead of, or with Stammtisch meetings in Germany as "WE" frontiersman living scattered throughout the world. But do not forget what we have experienced. And are very fortunate that we survived our service on the border.
Unlike other members of the border troops who had to pay their service to the inner-German border with his life.
Lausitz camaraderie